We provide international web development, design, content management, and optimization. We specialize in helping small and medium–sized businesses establish a strong online presence. Browse our website, and contact us if you have any questions.
Managed Hosting We can take care of your site’s web hosting (including domain registration) for a monthly fee of $30. We recommend this option if you do not have anyone to handle hosting related issues from month to month.

MaintenanceWe provide combined hosting and maintenance plans from $80 per month. Alternately maintenance, updates, and technical support can be billed hourly at a rate of $40 per hour. Rush work can be negotiated.

Basic Site

Sweet and Simple: a basic 3 to 5 page site, where the client provides all copy and images. We provide a very basic, but useable and clean design that works across browsers. Is a content management system included? Absolutely.

$750 - $1000

Improved Site

Client still provides all images and copy, but with the improved package we are able to put more time into design and image work, as well as implement one or two web applications, and submit the site to search engines. Site can range up to 10 pages, and the final product will be clean, easy to navigate, and elegant.

$1000 - $5000

Large Site

Enhanced multimedia design, image work and photography for sites ranging up to 15 pages. Site can include up to 4 web applications (including but not limited to a newsletter system, online payment system, online donations system, forum for online discussion, live chat within the site, calendar system for keeping track of upcoming events). Search engine optimization and submission are included.

$5000 - $12,000

Advanced Site

Sites with more than 15 pages, and/or sites which require implementation of special technologies, custom programming, copy writing, or several web applications. Community driven sites with user accounts, advanced ecommerce, etc.

$12,000 +